My DisCo project is up!

Having the new baby kind of slowed me down on all my projects and I am slowly but surely getting back on track.

One of the projects I finally finished was an interview with Faradays on Glide’s website. Travis has been wanting to do client portfolios and profiles for months, and I finally finished my first one! I feel pretty proud! 🙂

And of course, as everyone has been writing and wondering, no, I did not forget about my DisCo Project! I used a lot of different papers- tissue paper, pages out of old and new books and magazines, cards, wrapping paper, brown paper, dryer sheets, paper towels, drop cloths, music sheets and some string and ribbon. Then I wrapped it all up in cheese cloth to keep it all together. It is now hanging on the big tree in our backyard, and I will leave it there until we move in October.

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