My Happy Place

Several years ago, before I had a husband and kids, my best friend, Amber and I decided to go on a vacation together. We were roommates for 4 years and were both at a place in life that we had the money and the means and the time to get away. She actually planned the entire trip and didnt tell me where we were going. She only told me when we were leaving and what the weather would be like so I could pack accordingly.

Once we were at the airport, her then boyfriend, now husband, Luke held a video camera while Amber revealed to me where we were going. She gave me a manilla folder with a plane ticket, an itenerary for the next few days and a bunch of fun ideas for sunny CALIFORNIA! I screamed so loud that I scared people at the airport. The video is pretty priceless.

We spent the next few days exploring San Fransisco and the wine country, and that trip has been one of the biggest highlights of my entire life.

I thought about posting a bunch of pictures from that trip because Ive been thinking about it a lot lately (being stuck in the house with a new baby makes you wish for the outside world). But the greatest part of this trip was a little cafe, to which this post is dedicated. Near the Cliffhouse in San Fransisco is a tiny cafe called Louis’ Cafe. Each morning of our trip, we went here for our breakfast, and it was a magical place. It is old and full of history. The floor and barstools are old and creaky. The entire back wall is a glass window that overlooks the ocean, as it sits right on the edge of a cliff. The cafe smells like ocean salt and bacon. And the staff is as rugged as the edge of the cliff. (I mean that in an endearing way!) The cook came out and greeted us in the mornings, and our waiters/waitresses treated us like we were old friends. Dispite the cafe’s flaws, it was absolutely perfect in my eyes. Something about that place captured my heart like no other place Ive ever been. Im getting misty eyed even thinking about it…

Louis’ Cafe has since become my Happy Place. You know- when doctors are about to poke you with a needle or put you to sleep, or a midwife is about to help you push a child from between your legs, they tell you to go to your Happy Place. When you’re stressed out, on the verge of a breakdown, or need a place to envision to calm you down, this is where I go. To that little cafe on the cliff. Sitting on the barstool laughing with the big black man who made our breakfast. Taking in the smell of the ocean and the bacon. Walking along the cracked, creaky floor. Eating my favorite foods next to one of my life long best friends.

Ill never forget the first conversation we had with the big black man, who we loved so much… Though I have forgotten his name. We will call him Cook.

Cook: I dont know anyones name here. But I memorize them by the food the order all the time. That guy over there is Mr. Ham. The lady he is with is Mrs. Buscuits and Gravy.

Me: Well how do you do? She’s Scrambled Eggs and Im Over Easy.

All of us: *laughter*

My Happy Place

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