Monthly Cookie Club benefitting Texas Baptist Childrens Home!

As a lof of you know, I am deeply passionate about helping children who are underprivileged or going through unfortunate situations- I have been there, as well as all of my siblings. So my heart really goes out to them. After Legend was born, I toured the TBCH campus and fell in love with it. This organization is amazing.

Here is something even more amazing. Just a little background. My brother and I were seperated when I was 18 and he was 13. He was sent off to a horrible boys boot camp in another state where no one could find him or see him. When he was finally able to get out of there, a couple named Gene and Joyce, who lived in Alabama, took my brother in and cared for him.

Years later, my brother and I were reunited, and I was able to email Ms. Joyce and thank her for taking care of my brother when he needed it.

Well, Ms. Joyce and her graceous husband are now in Texas at the Texas Baptist Childrens Home. They work as house parents in one of the cottages on the campus- still caring for children who desperately need love and attention. I am truly grateful to them.

What better way to show them my appreciation and also help out all of the cottages there than to give them homemade cookies and dinners??

Once a month, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, I will be donating cookies and a meal to 1 of the 8 cottages on campus, and I would love your help! If you love to cook, bake or donate your time to cook or bake, then please leave your name and email below (or you can email it to me at autumnmorgan83 [at!]

I will be in charge of supplying food and cookies for the month of October, and we will take turns each month baking and cooking. Just drop off your goodies at my house or we can arrange for you to drop them off at the Childrens Home. If we get enough volunteers, maybe we can even do this more than once a month.

Lets not forget how blessed we are to be able to care for our own children, and make sure to give back to the children in our community who need us. They LOVE homemade goodies!!!!

Texas Baptist Childrens Home

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2 Responses to Monthly Cookie Club benefitting Texas Baptist Childrens Home!

  1. Nelly says:

    How can I have more info about Texas Baptist Childrens Home? I wondered.

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