My DisCo project is up!

Having the new baby kind of slowed me down on all my projects and I am slowly but surely getting back on track.

One of the projects I finally finished was an interview with Faradays on Glide’s website. Travis has been wanting to do client portfolios and profiles for months, and I finally finished my first one! I feel pretty proud! 🙂

And of course, as everyone has been writing and wondering, no, I did not forget about my DisCo Project! I used a lot of different papers- tissue paper, pages out of old and new books and magazines, cards, wrapping paper, brown paper, dryer sheets, paper towels, drop cloths, music sheets and some string and ribbon. Then I wrapped it all up in cheese cloth to keep it all together. It is now hanging on the big tree in our backyard, and I will leave it there until we move in October.

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Fairies, flowers and butterflies!

Each canvas is an 8X10, textured and created using paint, various papers, felt, ribbons and buttons. They were inspired by the pillowcase (second photo) a friend loaned me, and she asked me to create 3 canvases that matched the fairy theme.

These particular canvases were already delivered, but I can duplicate them or create other canvases based on themes you choose! The price is $60 for all 3 canvases.

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Train chalkboard and ocean chalkboard

These two chalkboards were created for 2 little boys- one loves trains; the other loves surfing and oceans. The lady who ordered them is getting married in August and wanted these for her nephews, and she wanted the colors grass green and ivory incorporated, as they are her wedding colors.

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Motherhood X2

Little Legend will be 3 weeks tomorrow. I can hardly believe it! This has been a rollercoaster of a time but in a good way. I gave birth to Legend at the Austin Area Birthing Center- all natural, no drugs. My labor was 1 hour and 15 minutes, and it was the fastest, most intense, painful, difficult, but beautiful time of my entire life. I tried to have a water birth but I just couldnt push him out effectively, so in between 2 extremely intense contractions, I jumped from the tub to the bed, pushed 3 times and out he came! The thing I loved most was that when he was born, he was immediately placed on my chest; there were no doctors or nurses barking orders or rushing around with medical equipment.

(right after he was born)

It was a very peaceful time right after his birth. I was speechless; I just couldnt believe how beautiful and perfect he was. Counting Crows played in the background, perfect.

I tore a little bit, so I had to be stitched up- again, no drugs. I took it like a trooper thats for sure!

The labor was so fast that everyone, including my doula, missed it! I had no idea it would go so quickly, but considering the fact I didnt get an epidural, Im so thrilled it went so fast!

We went home that evening, and Iris wasnt to excited about the new baby. She was tired and grumpy, but the next day, she warmed up to him. She wanted to hug and kiss him, and it melted my heart.

She also loves to hold his hand.


The biggest adjustment has been trying to juggle two kids; really, it hasnt been THAT hard; it just takes a little planning ahead. I have to make sure Im up early enough to either nurse Legend before Iris wakes up, or get Iris up and fed before Legend wakes up. The first week was the toughest becuase Legend had o schedule, I wasnt used to having a baby, my body was recovering (I lost a lot of blood during delivery), my house was a wreck, and nursing is HARD WORK!!! Luckily, my Ashley came from Waco for a few days to help me. I dont know what I would have done without her!

The second week was a tad bit easier. But this week has been heavenly. Legend is on a pretty awesome schedule; my nipples are no longer cracked and bleeding (YAY!), and my body is healing nicely. Iris is absolutely THE greatest big sister. She just loves her baby brother, and she has become much more affectionate. For example, this evening, all she wanted to do was “hold you mommy”, sing me songs and pet my face. It brought tears to my eyes. She is back in her gymnastics class, and loving it! She is talking more, pretending to read books to me, and starting her little homeschool curriculum with me. (More about that later.)

Nathan is adjusting really well to having 2 kids. MUCH better than when we first had Iris. He is one proud daddy. And we have been getting along surprisingly well, dispite not getting a lot of sleep. 🙂

Of course, Im totally behind on all my artwork, writing, website/blog work, and house work. But this is the most amazing time of my life and Im absolutely loving it. I fall more and more in love with my little family every day. I feel incredibly blessed. I cry with joy when I sit and think about my kids. I feel like they have completed me, and deepened my love for Nathan. Such an incredible time… wow…

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Baby is here!

Pardon my lack of updating. But the new baby has arrived!

Legend Royal Morgan
6 lbs 5 oz
Arrived 6.17.10 @ 12:45 pm

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39 weeks and counting down

I am officially 39 weeks and 2 days into this pregnancy. I thought I was hormonal 2 weeks ago, but that was NOTHING compared to the last week. To make me even more on edge, Nathan had a little medical procedure done on Sunday and he is unable to work for a couple of days. So I have been caring for him, myself, my daughter and the little girl who I keep during the day for a dear friend. I’ll admit, I thought Nathan would be MUCH whinier than hes been, but he hasnt caused me as much work as I feared. Thank God.

Today, I had my 39 week appointment and the midwife did a little procedure called “stripping the membranes”. I wont go into details here because its pretty graphic for the weaker stomachs, but lets just say, it worked the way it was supposed to, and now I am 5 cm dilated (halfway there!) and I just started having some contractions a little while ago. Thats all Im really waiting for- strong contractions! Soon after that, Baby should pop right out. Naturally. Not drugged. It will be a painful, memorable experience for sure. 🙂

In other news, I sold the fishing collage, but there are still 3 available in my Etsy shop, so be sure to check them out if you havent! I’ll also be adding one more that is ALMOST done, but its already sold. I can duplicate it, if someone else loves it!

I also found another blogger/artist who is participating in a project much like the DisCo project. She calls it “Collages with Weathered Papers” and there are several of these projects on her blog. I thought it would be interesting to post how some of the weathered paper is used after a few months outside.

Well, this may be my last post before Baby comes, so look out for pics to come! They expect him sometime in the next 24-48 hours! YAY!

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Father’s Day Mixed Media Collages 3 and 4!

I am posting these 2 collages a day early because Im REEEEEALLY hoping I go into labor tomorrow. Besides, I worked hard and Im really excited to share these, so here they are! And thanks for all who emailed, commented and Facebooked your ideas!

The first idea I chose was a “lake/fishing” theme. It was  created using acrylic paints, twine, art tissue paper and various other papers. The background is painted using blue, teal, green and yellow acrylic paints, to mirror the colors in oceans and lakes. I then created a collage of some things fishers love- fish, boats, a fishing pole, fishing signs and a fishing boat. Modge Podge wasused to seal the collage. More pictures and details are available here .

The second idea I chose was a blues/music theme. This one just might be my favorite! This 11X14 mixed media collage is created on canvas using acrylic paint, various papers, distressed papers, old photos and newspaper. Modge Podge was used to seal this piece. More pictures and details can be found here .

Dont forget that I am offering FREE shipping on any of my Father’s Day canvases, and I will hand deliver it to you if you live in the Austin area. Hope you enjoy them! Even more, I hope I have this baby soon!! 🙂

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