Women’s Week is here! and other announcements

Im pretty excited! Tiffany over at His Little Mrs has posted a review about my Etsy shop and is giving away one of my “to do” chalkboards! Be sure to go check it out and leave comments to win!

I have also finally started a fan page over on Facebook, where I will be posting discounts, giveaways, new items and all kinds of fun stuff! After I receive 20 “likes” I will post my first discounted item. I will also do a giveaway to the 100th like and whoever sends them! This item will depend on if it is a man or woman! hehe!

I have also started posting some fun fall items in my  Etsy shop. This is my personal favorite!

A few weeks ago, I joined The Boutique Challange Group and they hosted a contest. The theme was “football” and so participants made an item to match that theme and posted it on their wall. All items were voted on and there were winners in each category- accessories, home decor, clothes, and misc. My two items were in the “home decor” category and this piece won for my category!

Now this item and many other amazingly adorable items are up for auction this week! Be sure to check everyone’s stuff out! Just “like” the boutique page and comment with your bid. Its pretty fun. Im playing too. 🙂

Finally, I wanted to let everyone know that my childrens book was delayed in printing because of some file errors which I dont understand or know anything aout. lol. But from what I understand, they are almost fixed and the book will be available soon.

Phew! Lots going on! I hope you all enjoy your week!!

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