*Everything sold on this site and my Etsy shop http://artbooksandcanvases.etsy.com are hand-made by me. The children’s book is written by me and illustrated by Richa Kinra.

My name is Autumn. I am a writer, a creator, a wife and a mom. I write copy for websites, magazine articles, short stories, and children’s books. My biggest inspiration comes from my beautiful daughter, motherhood, books and nature. My family resides in Austin, Texas, but my heart belongs all over the world. I try to please God in everything I do.

Loves: Jesus. My husband, Nathan. My daughter, Iris. The baby growing in my belly. My dog, Hippie Sleeping with my windows open. Love stories. Good morning texts. Victoria Secret perfumes. Red wine in Dixie cups. Songs that could have been written about me. Treasure chests. Christmas lights all year long. Hot showers. Okra. Photo albums. Picture frames. The color green. Penguins. My star sapphire ring. Quilts. Bubble baths and candles. Guitars that I don’t have to tune. My Message Bible. Late night Dennys or IHOP. Slumber parties. Black olives. Puzzles. New shoes. Red roses. Board games. Dark nail polish. Wishing on stars. Birds and owls. The smell of pine. Skinny jeans. Bobby pins. Charcoal drawings. My mothers old year books. Journals. Sundresses. Twilight (both the time of the day and the movies). Used books. Cuddling. Reading aloud. Sunglasses. Vintage clothing. Pet names. Old records. Long hair. Cinderella. Passion. Ponds and creeks. Dock fishing. Tanning. Leadership. Whispering. Black and white movies. Bonfires. Trashy gossip magazines. Protection. Pirates. Ice wine. Kisses. Merry-go-rounds. Chocolate. Sweatshirts. Horse races. Children. Classic novels. Car rides. Seashells. Painting. Late night walks. Bloody Marys. Miller Lite in the summer. Crape myrtles. Belonging. Porch swings. Raw emotion. Secrets. Dreams. Families. Round cut diamonds. Laughter. Stuffed animals. My G-ma. Lip gloss. Orphans. Poetry. The Peace Corps. Mission trips. Cabins. Tree houses. Wild flowers. Disney movies. Surprises. Picnics. Cafes. Pecan pie. Happy tears. Being held. Boat rides. Traveling. Weddings. Buffalo wings. Baseball games. Bedtime. My name. Home videos. Jeremiah 29:11. New friends. Shopping trips. Spas. Movie nights. Storms. Family Guy. Emails. Hearing “I love you”. Riding the train. My birthday. 80’s music. Elephant-ear plants. Wind chimes. Puppies. Pedicures. Love letters. My friends. Antiques. Hard wood floors. Coloring books. Holding hands.


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